Bicentennial Woods Again?

Bicentennial Woods Again?

Today we did not intend to go to Bicentennial Woods again. We planned to go to another Acres Land Trust site, but my GPS had other ideas. The funny thing is the place I planned to go was north of us and Bicentennial Woods is south of us. Yeah, I was just a little distracted and really not paying attention. Despite that, Sunny and I had another great adventure to Bicentennial Woods.

Today was cool to start, but the sun came out and it felt nice to be hiking in the woods. We took the trail to the left at the entrance and followed it to the creek. Every time there was a fork in the trail, we took the trail to the right. This led us to and along Willow Creek, which Sunny loved.

Sunny all smiles at Bicentennial Woods
good smells
Sunny on the bridge over Willow Creek

We were not the only ones who had the idea to hike in the woods today. We encountered several people and a few dogs. This gave us some great opportunities to work on Sunny’s ability to remain calm around others. She just loves people and dogs so much that she struggles not to approach everyone. She did great!

So although today’s adventure did not go as intended, it turned out to be a great adventure. I think this is a good lesson to embrace things when they don’t go exactly as planned and make the best of every situation. Sunny didn’t have a clue that we were at the “wrong” place and maybe it wasn’t the wrong place after all.

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