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Do you think of your dog as a member of your family? Do you want great ideas for giving your dog his/her best life? If you do, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Andie and Live Like Karlie is all about helping people find fun things to do with their dog by providing:

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About Live Like Karlie

Live Like Karlie is the philosophy of living your best life with your dog, making each day special, and being thankful for every day no matter your dog’s limitations or health issues. This is what we did with Karlie after we said goodbye to her big sister Anna in 2019. It became even more important once Karlie was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that slowly took her mobility. Sadly, Karlie got her wings on 2/5/22 but her spirit lives on through this website, in our book Adventures with Karlie, and in our hearts. She made the best of every change in her abilities and was willing to try anything we came up with. Through it all she loved to explore parks, trails, and outdoor places. She enjoyed kayaking and going to the beach, and had the biggest smile.

I hope to inspire others to get out with their dog on adventures and to make adaptations, if needed, to address health issues, especially those regarding mobility. I also provide some helpful information about Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy (GOLPP), managing mobility issues, and great places to take dogs in Southern California and Southern Indiana as well as a few places in between.

And now we are exploring Northern Indiana, Michigan, and more of Southern California with Sunny, who we adopted after saying goodbye to Karlie. You will find information about all these areas and more. Wishing you happy trails and happy tails!


All information provided is based on our experience with Karlie. We are not veterinarians and the purpose of this website is not to dispense medical advice. You should always consult with a veterinarian or other healthcare providers for medical treatment, physical therapy, and other treatments for your dog.

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