Lake Delt Church Park

Sunny along the Elkhart River at Delt Church Park

After the noise and commotion of the July fourth weekend we were ready to get back to nature and the trails so we ventured to LaGrange County and Delt Church Park. What we found was a lovely park with a trail that meandered through the woods and fields while traveling along the Elkhart River.

History of Delt Church Park

I could not find any history about the Delt Church Park other than in 2020 the Parks and Recreation Department worked to remove invasive species and return the oak savanna. From what we observed today it seems they have accomplished that task.

Our Adventure at Delt Church Park

Our adventure started by parking near the East River shelter. For there we walked to the left of the sign with the trail map. After a short distance we found a wood bridge over the Elkhart River and into the woods. As we followed the trail we noticed the Elkhart River on our right. There were several areas where we stopped to look at the river and a few where we could get down to it. We also found several benches throughout the woods, which Sunny enjoyed sitting on.

on the bridge over Elkhart River
into the woods at Delt Church Park
checking out the Elkhart River
bench at Delt Church Park

As we continued walking on the trail we came to a spot where the main trail continued straight, while another trail to the left led into a field. The field had beautiful wildflowers so we decided to take that trail. Since there weren’t many trees, this trail was mainly sunny and we were glad it was fairly early in the morning. We continued until it intersected with the main trail. Since we didn’t want to miss out on anything, we followed it to the right until we again came to the trail in the field. At this point we turned around, retraced our steps on the main trail until it intersected with the field trail, and then continued on the main trail.

which trail?
into the field at Delt Church Park
Sunny and the wildflowers

The trail continued alternating between the woods and the field and had sections that traveled over the river. Near the end we came across a large field with some picnic pavilions and playground equipment. At this point, we could see our car in the distance. We took a moment to take a break in the shade under a tree and then continued. This led along the Elkhart River and back to the car. The total distance of the trail is 2.1M, however we logged nearly 2.5M since we backtracked a little.

into the woods
through the park
resting in the shade at Delt Church Park
back to the car

Our Rating

Sunny and I give Delt Church Park 3 out of 4 paws up. It’s a great spot for a picnic and a hike. The trail is accessible by those on foot or using a wheelchair or scooter. The downsides for us is the trail is only about 2 miles and it’s not that challenging. We did love that it followed the Elkhart River and the beautiful wildflowers in the field section. All in all a lovely place to spend time in nature and even have a picnic lunch. The park has some great amenities including a playground area, disc golf, restrooms, and picnic shelters. It is also very easy to follow the trail as it is well marked and it loops around so you really can’t get lost.

directional sign

How Do I Get There?

The park is off the beaten path, but GPS seems to know how to get there. I highly recommend using GPS with either Delt Church Park or 6455 S 200W, Wolcottville, Indiana as the location. Once you turn onto S 200W you will travel less than two miles before you see the blue Delt Church Park Sign. Turn right and follow the road to any of the different parking areas. We parked at the East River shelter and took the trail to the left of the sign with the trail map, but you can find the entrance of the trail in several other areas.

Delt Church Park sign

Please note that once you are in LaGrange County you will travel on several county roads with Amish farms on both sides. Be careful as the Amish travel on these roads in their horse and buggies and bikes and there is not much of a shoulder for them.

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