Do You Believe in Ghosts?

So this may be a little out there, but I believe in ghosts. Or at least the idea that deceased loved ones come back to visit. Several times in my life I have felt the presence of ghosts when alone. The last time occurred shortly after we returned to San Diego for the winter in 2021. On my early morning run, I felt Anna with me.

When we lived in Pacific Beach full time, Anna and Karlie ran with me once a week in Bird Rock. As I ran over familiar ground last November, I could feel Anna with me. At the time I didn’t know why she was there. I took the opportunity to ask her to look out for Karlie since her hind end weakness had progressed and I didn’t know how much longer she would be with us.

Anna stayed with me for most of the run and I found it comforting. I talked to her about Karlie. I asked her to watch out for her little sister, just as she had when she was alive. What I didn’t realize at the time, but truly believe, is that Anna was there to tell me Karlie’s time was limited. We said good bye to Karlie less than three months later. I think Anna wanted me to know she would be there to lead Karlie across the rainbow bridge. I have no doubt she did just that.

Anna and Karlie were sisters and best friends for nearly 12 years. They were inseparable, often sleeping curled up next to each other. I have countless pictures of them laying on the ground or bed a few inches apart. They were together for nearly 12 years; from the time we adopted Karlie at 4 months until we said goodbye to Anna when Karlie was nearly 12. Anna was Karlie’s protector, always making sure that Karlie was okay.

One of many times these girls were lounging next to each other.

I am sure on Karlie’s last day, Anna was waiting to guide her across the rainbow bridge. And I know that reunion was amazing. The only thing that will compare is when I am reunited with both of them. Until then I know they are chasing each other, playing with tennis balls, hiking in the woods, running at the beach, and kayaking on the water. And it brings a huge smile to my face to know they are happy and together.

Early morning at Tourmaline Surf Park, Pacific Beach, CA.

Is it Time?

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