Christmas 2021 was fantastic! Despite knowing it was likely Karlie’s last one, it was one of our happiest celebrations. We had returned to our condo in San Diego in early November. By December Karlie was regaining strength in her hind legs because of using a rear-wheel wheelchair and all the walking to do her business. In early December I decided we should make Christmas special for her. I purchased an ornament for her and proudly displayed it on the tree with all the others I had purchased over the years. I also purchased three new toys, placed them in boxes, wrapped them in brown paper, and placed them under the tree.

On December 23rd Karlie opened her first present. She loved ripping the paper off the box and needed little help to find the toy inside. She was thrilled to find out the toy was a soft orange Chuck-It ball. During our time at the condo we often played with that ball and even took it to Kate Sessions Park.

Karlie's Christmas present

On December 24th Karlie opened her second present, a blue dog from Kong, similar to one we had at home. Like the one at home, we named this one Blue Dog.

Karlie opening Christmas present

Shortly after opening her second present she noticed one more similar box under the tree. She was quite curious and seemed to understand it was for her. I had planned for her to have a present to open each day so despite her interest in what was under the tree, I made her wait to get her last present.

On December 25th Karlie opened her last present, a stuffed alligator from Kong that we named Allie. Of course I captured a picture of Karlie with all her presents under the tree.

Karlie under the Christmas tree with her presents

We wrapped up our Christmas celebration by taking Karlie for a walk overlooking the ocean on Christmas Day. I couldn’t think of a better way to end our celebration.

Karlie overlooking the ocean on Christmas

Sadly, Karlie is not with us to celebrate Christmas this year. Although I wish she was, writing about last year and looking at the pictures brings a smile to my face. We had such a fun time celebrating and now we have a new family member, Sunny, to carry on our Christmas traditions. She has inherited all the toys that Karlie received last year, plus a lifetime of others. And I know Karlie is celebrating with Anna and looking down on us with her characteristic smile. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Krissie

    Awwwww. Love this 💕 I miss Freddie. And Kara. And Roxie. 🐶

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment. It’s always difficult when they leave us, but trying to remember the happiness and make new memories.

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