When the time comes to say goodbye to our best friend, we often focus on our sadness. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with our grief anticipating the last day. Instead of getting overwhelmed with thoughts of how to go on after you say goodbye, try to celebrate the end. What does that mean? Trying to do things that celebrate the last days, weeks, and months with your dog. With Karlie I made a bucket list of her favorite things and places and then we spent her last months marking items off the list as we completed them. I took many, many pictures and videos and am so happy I have them to look back on and remember the happy times.

The added benefit of making the bucket list and completing it, is you get to spend time doing fun things with your dog. This takes your mind off saying goodbye and gives her something to look forward to doing. This may improve her quality of life, help her feel better, and even stay a little longer. Even if it doesn’t, you get some great last memories. I was so glad that I did this since Karlie’s health took a turn for the worse quickly and we didn’t have much time before she got her wings.

The other thing we did was to memorialize her. I have a couple pieces of jewelry that I wear every day. They remind me of her and make me feel like a piece of her is with me. We have photos of her all over our home. We have some of her favorite things saved in a special place. And I created this website and a facebook and instagram page in her memory.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how to celebrate not only the last few days, but the life of your dear friend. If you are looking for jewelry or other items to memorialize your friend, there are some great options on Etsy. Need more help handling the end? Check out our other posts Is it Time?, How do you go on after Saying Goodbye?, and It’s the Firsts.

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