I Feel Like I am Forgetting

I have been thinking about Karlie a lot recently and I’m sure it’s because the one-year anniversary of saying goodbye to her is approaching. Not to mention that Facebook keeps showing me memories of her last few months. While those bring a smile to my face, they are bittersweet because I know what is coming. I’ve also been looking back on pictures of our life together. I love seeing her smile and remembering all the fun we had, especially with Anna. It was such a good life, but it seems like a lifetime ago.

Forgetting after saying goodbye
Anna and Karlie in the backseat after a fun adventure to Lake Grapevine, Texas.

Despite all our adventures and memories, I feel like I’m forgetting things about her and our life. Yet I can’t even articulate what exactly it is that I can’t remember or what I’m forgetting. It makes me feel so guilty to think I am forgetting anything about her or our life together. How could I forget when she was my everything?

But maybe I’m not really forgetting her or our adventures or our life. Maybe my life has just changed so much since she left. Karlie was a senior dog and we spent a lot of time going on adventures and managing her health issues. Now we have a one year old dog, Sunny, who we spend a lot of time helping become a great little family member. We have new schedules and routines and we are still learning about each other, while Karlie and I knew every thing about each other. Despite Sunny’s resemblance to Karlie, she has her own personality, favorite toys, and favorite things to do. So I guess I’m not really forgetting Karlie, but living a different life with a new furry friend. My goal is to keep Karlie’s memory alive while creating a life as wonderful as we had with Sunny.

Forgetting after saying goodbye
Playing in the leaves in Bloomington, IN

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