Hosp Grove

Sunny at Hosp Grove Park

Karlie and I hiked so many different places in Southern California and one that we really enjoyed was Hosp Grove Park in Carlsbad. We loved being among the beautiful eucalyptus trees and the moderate inclines of the trails. Also we enjoyed that the trails are mostly shady which was especially helpful when Karlie was dealing with GOLPP-related breathing issues. We visited this trail several times and the last time was with my husband shortly after Karlie received her wings. Today I decided it was time to introduce Sunny to Hosp Grove Park and the trails. And while we hiked it felt like Karlie was walking the trails with us since it reminded me so much of all our visits.

Happy Karlie on the trail at Hosp Grove Park

History Of Hosp Grove Park

Hosp Grove was created in 1908 when Hosp Eucalyptus Corp, an investment group, planted 219 acres of eucalyptus trees. They wanted to harvest the trees and sell the wood to the Santa Fe Railroad for railroad ties. Unfortunately this didn’t work out because eucalyptus trees are brittle and crack easily. So over time parts of the grove were sold and developed. Then, in 1986, the City of Carlsbad purchased the remaining 53 acres and created the park. The park is divided into two sections, the East Grove and the West Grove. The West Grove has trails, a playground, and a picnic area. The East Grove has trails and a picnic area. The trails in the West Grove are easier to follow, but neither is so expansive that you are likely to get lost. We’ve hiked both sections, but today we stayed in the West Grove.

The Trails

The trails in the West Grove follow and overlook Jefferson and Monroe Streets. They are hard packed dirt which can become muddy if it has rained recently. The trail starts by walking over a wood platform and then a bridge before coming to an option to go to the right or left. Both trails lead to a moderate uphill climb, but nothing too strenuous or challenging. When on the trails you can hear some road noise since both Jefferson and Monroe Streets are pretty busy. Despite that it is a tranquil hike because you are surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Hiking here reminds me of many of our hikes in Indiana because you feel like you are in a forest with all the trees.

bridge at West Grove
start of trail at Hosp Grove
on the trail at Hosp Grove
Sunny and the trees
eucalyptus trees

Today we hiked all the trails in the West Grove. Sunny enjoyed finding downed logs to sit on. We even found an uprooted tree which was also a photo opportunity with Karlie. I have so many memories of hiking with Karlie along these trails and it was fun to make new memories with Sunny today.

dog on a log
on the trail at Hosp Grove
on the trail at Hosp Grove
Sunny sniffing the tree root
Karlie and the tree root

Our Rating

Karlie, Sunny, and I rate Hosp Grove 3 out of 4 paws up. It’s a beautiful place for a hike despite being in the middle of a busy area. The trails are scenic and you can hike at least 2M in the West Grove with the opportunity for additional mileage in the East Grove. We have always found this to be a peaceful place for a hike and never encountered too many people on the trails. I imagine on the weekends it is busier, but during the week it’s a lovely place for a hike.

How Do I Get There?

To find the West Grove of Hosp Park use Hosp Grove Playground as your destination. From I-5 take exit #51A – Las Flores Drive. After about .2M turn right onto Jefferson Street. The entrance to the park is on the right in less than a mile, just look for the Hosp Grove Park sign.

Hosp Grove Park entrance

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