Gene Stratton-Porter trails

Gene Stratton-Porter trails

Several months ago we visited the Fishing Line Trail in Rome City, IN and discovered the Gene Stratton-Porter historic site. We recently returned to check out the trails in the woods at the historic site.

The Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Site is one of the former homes of Gene Stratton-Porter who was a writer, photographer, and film producer. She purchased the property and built the “cabin at wildflower woods” on Sylvan Lake in 1912. She moved to the property in 1914 and lived there until 1919 with her husband visiting on the weekends. Unfortunately as her popularity increased, she found the property was not private enough and moved to California. In 1946 it was donated to the State of Indiana and today is open to the public to explore the grounds, trails, and home.

The entrance to the trails are just past the pavilion on the north side of the parking lot. They wind around the property including past the cabin, visitor center, and Sylvan Lake. Although the trails do not traverse a long distance, they make for a fun and interesting outing. We managed to hike about a mile walking past a flower garden, getting down to the water, walking past the cabin and visitor center, and back through the woods to the parking lot. The trails are mostly dirt or gravel with a small section on a boardwalk next to the water. The trail is fairly wide and mostly flat. Although not wheelchair or stroller accessible, it would be appropriate for most other people.

Sunny at Gene Stratton-Porter trails
Sunny on the boardwalk
Gene Stratton-Porter trails

Our Rating

We give the trails at Gene Stratton-Porter 3 out of 4 paws up. You can hike in the woods, have a picnic lunch at the pavilion, and get your toes wet in the lake. The main disappointment is the trails only allow for about a mile of hiking, but the Fishing Line Trail is across the street allowing for a longer hike. An added bonus is the port-o-potty at the entrance of the woods. All in all a nice place to visit and hike. We will definitely return for a picnic lunch and another hike.

Sunny checking out Sylvan Lake

How do I get there?

From E. North Street in Kendallville (6W) turn north onto 3. Then turn left onto N. Angling Road and follow it for a couple miles. From there turn left onto E 850 N and after a couple miles turn right onto Pleasant Point. After a short distance the parking lot is on the right. After parking, walk towards the pavilion and you’ll find the trails in the woods with some leading to the visitor center.

For more information about Gene Stratton-Porter.

There is also another trail across the street; the Fishing Line trail. To get to the Fishing Line trail walk back toward and across E 850 N to an asphalt trail that leads to another asphalt trail in the woods. From the parking lot to the start of the Fishing Line Trail is about 0.3M.

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