Coronado Dog Beach

Sunny at Coronado Dog Beach

I am not a fan of dog parks, but I love Coronado Dog Beach and now Sunny does too. Today was actually the second time she’s been there. The first time she was a puppy and I wasn’t sure of her recall so we mostly walked a little on leash and then sat on the sand. Today she had the chance to run with the big dogs and check out the ocean. It was truly the best day ever.

puppy Sunny at Coronado Dog Beach

After parking the car on Ocean Boulevard near Sunset Park we walked across the street to the sidewalk on the sand that leads to the beach. Dogs are supposed to stay on leash until the end of the sidewalk so we waited until we were on the sand to let Sunny run free. As soon as we did she made a bee-line for the ocean. She loves the beach, but has a healthy respect for the ocean. Although she will run up to the water she has no interest in getting more than her toes wet. We played around on the sand, with her getting zoomies, and then started to walk down the beach. After a short while a big Husky came running up and they were off and playing. After awhile we headed further down the beach and interacted with a big Chocolate Labrador. Later she played with two more big dogs. After that it was time to head off the beach and walk around the neighborhoods before returning to our car and heading home.

sidewalk to the beach
playing on the beach
playing on the beach

A few things to know –

  • Coronado’s Dog Beach is open from 6A to sunset.
  • The entrance is near the Naval Air Station entrance and across from Sunset Park.
  • Parking is on the street.
  • Dogs must remain on leash until you get to the end of the sidewalk that leads to the beach.
  • The dog beach is on the right-hand side bordering the Naval Air Station.
  • There is no restroom, but there is one a block down the sidewalk on Ocean Blvd.
  • Dogs are not allowed at Sunset Park.
  • Clean up after your dog.

Our Rating

Sunny and I rate Coronado Dog Beach 4 out of 4 paws up. Your dog can run and play with other dogs while walking along the beach. The only way it could be better is if it was bigger. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of room because there is quite a bit of space along the ocean and a large section of beach. It’s beautiful, the people do a good job of watching their dogs and picking up after their dogs, and there’s plenty of room for walking, sitting on the beach, and playing in the sand. It’s a not to be missed place in San Diego if you have a dog or just love dogs.

For more information about Coronado Dog Beach check out the Visit Coronado website.

Coronado Dog Beach

How Do I Get There?

Coronado Dog Beach is located at the most northern section of the beach near the Naval Air Station. The entrance is near the entrance to the Naval Air Station and across the street from Sunset Park on Ocean Boulevard. From I-5 take exit #14A for CA-75 toward Coronado. Continue over the bridge and onto Third Street. After .6M turn left onto Alameda Street. After 1M turn right onto Marina Avenue and after .2M turn right onto Ocean Boulevard. The entrance to the beach is on the left. Parking is on the street. Although there is no restroom at the dog beach, there is one a short distance down the sidewalk away from the Naval Air Station.

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