Today we took a close to home adventure to a “hidden” beach in La Jolla. It’s not really hidden except maybe to tourists since all the locals know about it. I’m not revealing the exact location, though, since I want it to remain a somewhat hidden and local-only spot.

It’s one of my favorite places in San Diego to watch and play in the waves. There are big rocks to climb and sit on. You can also climb down to the beach that is between two big cliffs. Today we didn’t do that because the tide was in so far that there was no beach. Regardless Sunny and I enjoyed sitting on the rocks, watching the waves, and monitoring the birds. She was also quite pleased that other people were there so she could get some love and attention. She was quite disappointed, though, that we went at lunch time and I would not let her help people eat their lunch.

This adventure reminded me that sometimes the best adventures are close to home and even a short walk away. I think every community has an interesting spot that you can enjoy with your dog. And although we don’t have a beach or ocean in our hometown of Auburn, IN, we do have several close to home gems. These are locations that Sunny loves because they are different than just walking around our neighborhood, have dirt trails, and one even has a creek running through it. For our dogs any place with new smells is a grand adventure.

all smiles at the beach on our close to home adventure
checking out the ocean
selfie time
lounging on our close to home adventure

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