Bloomington Rail Trails

If you like biking, running, or walking Bloomington has several scenic paved trails to explore. There is the B-Line, Bloomington Rail Trail, Clear Creak Trail, Karst Farm Greenway and the Limestone Greenway. Many of the trails connect with each other so you can piece together a long excursion. Karlie and I enjoyed these trails, even though they are mostly asphalt. We explored all of them and now Art and I are sharing them with Sunny.

Our favorite place to access the trails is the Clear Creek Trail parking lot located off Church Lane in southern Bloomington. This parking lot allows access to three different trails – Bloomington Rail Trail, Clear Creek Trail, and Limestone Greenway. Once you walk up the path you can turn either right or left. To the left is the Limestone Greenway and to the right after crossing the bridge is both the Bloomington Rail and Clear Creek Trails.

The Bloomington Rail Trail is a two mile path that is dirt, asphalt, and gravel. Shortly after Country Club Drive it connects with the B-Line Trail which adds another 3.1 miles. The Bloomington Rail Trail section is quite nice with stone cliffs, trees, and vegetation, however once it connects to the B-Line Trail it is not as scenic. The B-Line Trail is our least favorite trail as it travels from southern Indiana toward the city and through Switchyard Park. We have encountered off leash dogs in Switchyard Park making it a less desirable place to hike.

Karlie on the Bloomington Rail Trail

The Clear Creek Trail, which is one of our favorites, is a 2.4 mile path that winds behind some residential homes and also borders some open, grassy areas. The best part for us, though, was the ability to get down to the creek. Karlie loved to put her feet in it.

Clear Creek Rail Trail
Karlie by Clear Creek

The Limestone Greenway, which is another of our favorites, is a 1.7 mile path that is surrounded by trees and vegetation. It’s fairly flat and in one section traverses over a ravine. The trail is mostly shaded making it perfect on summer days. Even on rainy days the tree canopy prevents you from getting too wet. The trail is popular with those riding bikes as well as walkers and runners. It’s a quiet, peaceful trail.

View of the path on the Limestone Greenway

The Karst Farm Greenway is located off N. Loesch Road and is a nearly 4.5 mile trail. There is a parking area off Loesch Road, but it can only accommodate two vehicles. The trail is asphalt and runs alongside the road. There are trees between the path and road, but it’s not as scenic at the other trails. This was our least favorite trail.

Karst Farm Greenway Bloomington Rail Trail
Karlie on the trail at Karst Farm Greenway

Our Rating

Although Karlie preferred to hike on dirt or sand, the rail trails were a good option when we didn’t  want to drive too far. We give the Bloomington Rail Trails 3 out of 4 paws up since they are mostly asphalt, but still scenic and wonderful places to take a nice walk and feel like you are in the woods.

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