Baintertown – River Preserve County Park

Baintertown - River Reserve County Park

Sunny and I ventured to Elkhart County to check out the Baintertown – River Preserve County Park which consists of the Baintertown Dam, Baintertown Hydro, and Baintertown Park. These parks and trails make for an enjoyable, but short outing. The Baintertown Dam consists of a mowed grass trail along the Elkhart River that ends at the dam. The Baintertown Hydro consists of two trails – a dirt packed trail through the woods and a mowed grass trail along the Elkhart River. Baintertown Park consists of a short grass trail along the Elkhart River. Although we walked all these trails we only logged a little over 2M.

We started our adventure by checking out the Baintertown Park trail. This park has a restroom, picnic shelter, and plenty of parking. Although there is a trail, it is quite short. The trail follows the Elkhart River before coming to a dead end. From the parking lot to the end of the trail and back was less than half a mile. This was our least favorite of the trails as it was too short and not in the woods.

picnic pavilion
pretty girl by a tree
Baintertown Park trail

Next we checked out the Baintertown Dam which has a grass trail along the Elkhart River. The trail leads to the dam which is quite interesting. There is a picnic table in a clearing to the left of the trail. Although there is a spot near the picnic table to get down to the water we did not do that. During our visit the water was stagnate and green so I did not let Sunny put her toes in the water. The total distance we walked was less than a mile.

After checking out the dam we drove a short distance to the hydro trails. These were our favorite trails. The first trail we explored was behind the hydro plant and to the left. This was a short trail in the woods along the river. There was a wood platform at the start and some steep steps. We enjoyed finally finding a trail in the woods.

After returning to the hydro plant we took the grass trail to the right. Eventually there was a marker leading to another trail in the woods and back to the grass trail. The grass trail was the one we saw from the Baintertown Park. We followed the trail nearly to the road and then found a field on the left. The field had additional mowed grass trails through it and around a pond. After circling the pond we followed the grass trail back to the hydro plant and the parking lot. We walked just over a mile on both the hydro trails.

Baintertown - River County Preserve
trail in the woods
trail in the woods
Baintertown-River County Preserve

Our Rating

We rate the Baintertown -River Preserve County Park 2.5 out of 4 paws up. Overall this is a nice system of trails, but few are in the woods and total distance is less than 2M. We prefer the Benton – River Preserve County Park which is more scenic, provides for a longer hike, and is just down the road. Below are our ratings for each trail.

We rate the Baintertown Dam trail 2 out of 4 paws up. The trail is well maintained and somewhat scenic, we just prefer hiking in the woods and a longer hike.

We rate the Baintertown Hydro 3 out of 4 paws up. The trail starts at the hydro plant which is quite interesting and has two sections that are through the woods. It also is the longest and most scenic of the trails.

We rate the Baintertown Park trail 2 out of 4 paws up. The trail is the shortest and least scenic, but does have a restroom.

How do I get there?

Take 6 W to Syracuse and then turn right onto County Road 33 N. Follow for just under 3M and turn left onto County Road 42. After just under 2M turn left onto Lincoln Rd. After a less than half a mile you will see a parking lot on the left for the Baintertown Dam. To get to the Baintertown Park (67380 County Road 29) continue on Lincoln Road for .2M and the parking lot is on the right. To get to the Baintertown Hydro (67202 County Road 29) take a right out of the parking lot and continue on County Road 29 for .3M and the parking lot is on the right.

For more information check out Elkhart County Parks website.

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