Acres Along the Wabash

Acres Along the Wabash

A beautiful fall day means it’s time to get out on the trails so Sunny and I ventured south to Bluffton, Indiana to check out another Acres Land Trust location. Today we explored Acres Along the Wabash which provides a lovely walk in the woods along the Wabash River.

Upon arrival to the parking lot we noticed two mowed grass trails. We took the one on the left with the Acres Land Trust welcome sign. This trail starts out as a wooded mowed grass trail, but soon becomes a dirt and gravel trail through the woods. It’s quite scenic with views of hickory, oak, and walnut trees. Eventually the trail comes to a sign overlooking the Wabash River with a trail extending to the right and one to the left. We took the trail to the right hoping to find a way down to the water. Unfortunately after a short distance this trail deteriorates and is nearly impassable. Much to Sunny’s dismay, we turned around, walked back to the sign, and took the trail to the left.

sign at entrance of Acres Land Trust site
two trails at Acres Along the Wabash
mowed grass trail
wooded trail
the trail deteriorates

The trail to the left follows the Wabash River providing nice views of it. You can even sit on a bench to rest and look at the view. Eventually the trail travels down to the water. Sunny loved getting down to the river and putting her toes in it. There isn’t much of a short to walk along the water, but Sunny still loved being down by the water.

Sunny up above the Wabash
trail to the Wabash River

After spending time in the water, we retraced our steps back to the entrance and took the other trail. This trail also starts with a mowed grass section, but quickly turns into a dirt trail. There is a bridge to go over and then the trail ends where the first trail went to the right toward the deteriorated section. At this point we turned around and headed back to the car as we had explored all the trails. We logged nearly 2M on this hike by following all the different trails and offshoots.

Second trail at Acres Along the Wabash
Sunny going over the bridge
Happy Sunny on a log

Our Rating

Sunny and I rate Acres Along the Wabash 3 out of 4 paws up. It’s a lovely walk in the woods along the Wabash River and you can get down to the river. Unfortunately the shore does not allow for walking along it so you can just put your toes in the water. The trail is fairly well maintained, except one section. The trail is mostly narrow and typical for a walk in the woods, so it could be challenging for those with mobility issues.

How do I get there?

From I69 take exit #286 toward Markle/Decatur and turn onto 224E/E. Markle Road. Follow that for less than half a mile and then turn right onto 116E. Follow that for just over 7M and turn right into the parking lot.

For more information about Acres Along the Wabash check out the Acres Land Trust website.

Acres Along the Wabash

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