This past weekend Sunny and I took a road trip to visit her best friend, Ruby, who lived next door to us in Bloomington. These two girls saw each other nearly every day when we lived there. After nearly two months apart, it was time for them to get back together. Some people may say it’s crazy to spend three hours driving to visit a dog, but that’s what you do for the one you love. Just look at the pictures and you can see it was worth it. I encourage everyone, and that is the purpose of this website, to do what makes your dog happy and give him/her the best life.

Sunny and Ruby - do what makes your dog happy - canine enrichment
Sunny and Ruby wrestling

Although Ruby is five months older and about ten pounds lighter than Sunny, they are a perfect match. They are both rambunctious, full of energy young girls who love to run, chase each other, play with sticks, and snoop in the yard. When we lived in Bloomington they played with each other nearly every day. They wrestled, chased, teased each other with things they found in the yard, but neither one ever got snarky, possessive, or reactive. In fact, often they would each grab the end of a stick and run around together. Whenever either one of them went outside they would look for the other one and insist on visiting.

The last thing we did before moving was to have one last visit with Ruby, which brought tears to my eyes since I was the only one who knew this was our last visit. Both Sunny and Ruby just thought it was another play session and that they would do it again later.

So after nearly two months apart I decided it was time for a road trip back to Bloomington. Sunny was used to road trips since we made so many from Bloomington to norther Indiana while our home was being built. I loaded her into the car and we hit the road bright and early Saturday morning. As usual she stayed awake the whole trip supervising my driving.

When I got close to our old house she started to get a little antsy. She seemed to recognize we were headed to our former home based on the turns the car made. Once we arrived I sent a text to Ruby’s mom letting her know we were outside. Soon afterwards they came out and the girls had quite a reunion. I don’t think either one of them could believe their eyes. They were so excited to see each other. At one point Ruby literally gave Sunny a hug. It brought such a big smile to all our faces.

We spent several hours visiting and playing in the backyard. We had picture perfect weather and the girls had the best time racing around, resting in the shade, chasing each other, drinking water out of the same bowl, and giving kisses to us and each other. It was truly the best day EVER.

Sunny and Ruby sharing a drink - do what your dog loves - canine enrichment
Sharing a drink

So, yes, it was more than worth it for me to spend nearly seven hours driving to bring some joy to Sunny and Ruby. When you love someone you do things that bring them joy. I encourage you to find out what makes your dog happy and find a way to do those things. I can’t take Sunny to visit Ruby every week, but it is a trip we will make again. And next time we may re-visit one of our favorite places to hike in Bloomington. Stay tuned for that next adventure!

Sunny and Ruby - happy girls - do what your dog loves - canine enrichment
All smiles

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